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A blog about criminal harassment networks, the "secret police", and police in Canada combining false allegations, radar assaults, police psychiatric intervention, participating defense lawyers, and non-criminal responsibility before trial to circumvent the right to a trial, charter of rights violations, unlawful seizures, and make these unlawful seizures legal.

"Journal Entry April 18, 2013 Canada, Police, Secret Police

In Canada the secret police and police are linked to a criminal harassment network in public locations, participants, the use of technology on targeted citizens, the HSS and LRAD focused ultrasound technologies used to sleep deprive targeted citizens, threaten them in their own homes, give them instructions, and to inflict damages "bursting blood vessels" in the brain. The other technology is different types of powerful radar that they use to inflict damage through repetitive assaults in public locations, grocery stores, etc, and in their own homes, court house, aimed at inflicting deadly cancers.

The practice of the police is to do a police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration at a psychiatric ward for anyone victims who claim to be assaulted.

They have combined this practice with false allegations, participating defense lawyers, and non-criminal responsibility before trial. Non-criminal responsibility before trial circumvents the right to a trial and finds the defendant guilty of having committed the crime but not guilty due to mental illness, .. escape false allegations, charter of rights violations, unlawful seizures, the seizures become legal, etc.

The assaults and false allegations are combined with subjugation attempts "you have to turn" aka be subjugated by this organized crime "or die of cancer". .. become homeless, which is their other practice.

The point for the current U.S. Gun Debate, in Canada it is a bit tyrannical and involves subjugating the population through organized crime, controlling citizens of interest, the heads of different organizations and murdering targeted citizens through cancer, hiding the causes of rampages and rage shootings that they cause through their practices, and advocating a defenseless population, "low homicide rate"."