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"I have been documenting workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment, a criminal harassment network in Canada, for many years. The web site Psychological Harassment Information Association was created on Oct 20, 2003. ..

Recently, Feb 21, 2011, I faced false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a Mobbing Research article that deals with several rage shootings that seem to be linked to "hitting back", retaliation. The allegations were combined with this criminal harassment networks use of energy assault weapons, types of powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancer "run away or get cancer". I used shielding materials and a faraday cage to protect myself, and was acquitted on June 4, 2012.

These assaults are still ongoing, the point is that the authorities, public safety ministers, police, have nothing to offer victims except incarceration at a psychiatric ward for victims who claim to be assaulted with these weapons, attempts to subjugate them through organized crime "turn" aka be subjugated "or die of cancer".

The solution is the use of a faraday cage, thick metal and thick copper wires that are grounded to a households copper plumbing, the cities water network, and an affordable spectrometer to prove these assaults are real." - Danny Hunt