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The experts said they were particularly concerned about a firm in Germany called XCell-Center and about Beike, which offers stem cell treatments for a range of conditions including brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and optic nerve damage.

- A spokesman for XCell said in a statement that its stem cell preparations are made from bone marrow and intended for "autologous" use, or use by patients from whom they came.
- Beike Biotech said in a statement that all its stem cells are administered by experienced physicians who work in and for leading hospitals in China.

Stem cells are standard treatments for leukemias and a few other genetic diseases, but their use in treating other conditions such as Parkinson's, spinal injury or optic nerve damage is as yet unproven.

Stem cell firms defend record after criticism

LONDON (Reuters) - Cell therapy companies in China and Germany who were criticized by British experts warning of the dangers of "stem cell tourism" defended themselves on Wednesday, saying their safety records were good.