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The British are very smart, they invent things, manage finances, etc. but they don't understand the U.S. 2nd Amendment or what its for, which is strange.

The basic British regime subjugation strategy involves the "secret police" functioning through corruption and organized crime "its organized crime and not tyranny", which means that their laws and charter of rights is not worth the paper that it is written on but a threat exists that deters obvious subjugation and tyranny, the right to bear arms, a population that can rise up and remove hidden forms of dictatorships.

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Issues regarding creating more prejudice and re-enforcing stereotypes, in Canada the "secret police" currently use criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, -- The strategy used by the regime, authorities, and police is the same as workplace employers, denial and ridicule.

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At one point they figured that through their "secret police" and collusion with other British regimes to protect their reputations from human rights violations, with censorship and time they could "fix" human rights violations through organized crime, cancer, homelessness, assigning blame, etc, and reinterpret them.

A blog about criminal harassment networks, the "secret police", and police in Canada combining false allegations, radar assaults, police psychiatric intervention, participating defense lawyers, and non-criminal responsibility before trial to circumvent the right to a trial, charter of rights violations, unlawful seizures, and make these unlawful seizures legal.

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