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Movie Scenes

The Amazing Spiderman, Psychotic Ideation

The Amazing Spiderman, Parkinson and Dopamine

The Rundown, Setups and Deception

Star Wars The Clone Wars, Corruption

Unclebuck, Interrogation

The Avengers, Conviction

The Avengers, Arrogance

The Avengers, Anger

A Beautiful Mind (2001), Ridicule

Horrible Bosses, Workplace Professionalism

21 Jump Street, Psychological Abuse and Mixed Messages

True Romance, Battered Women

This Must Be The Place, Influence of the Mind and Repetitive Suggestion, Suicide Factor

Green Lantern, Pain and Hate to Burn

Two Weeks Notice, Getting Fired and Anxiety

Disclosure, Sexual Harassment Trauma

Disclosure, Sexually Harassed Men

Disclosure, Psychological Harassment Office Tactics

Star Trek, Alien Racism Discussion

I Am Number Four, High School Bullying

Elvis Presley, Workplace Love Jealousy

11-11-11, Ideas of Purposelessness and Suicide

Horrible Bosses, Promotions and Blackmail

Horrible Bosses, Negative Thoughts About Your Boss

The Other Guys, Racial Discrimination Stereotype

Entourage, Threats and Pedophilia Weapon

Entourage, Power and Sexual Harassment

Enemy of the State, John Voight "Credibility"

Logan's Run, Microwaves and Radar "Run Runner!"

Farscape, Setup and Death Penalty

Cowboy Bebob, Financial Loss and Rage Shooting

Ghost Rider, "You Can't Catch The Wind"

Dune 1984, Ultrasound Tech "Burst Organs"

Dune 1984, Death of Natural Causes

Dune 1984, Cycles of Tyranny and Medieval Patterns

Dune (1984) Heart Plug

Dune (1984) Blood Lines

Young Justice Invasion, Retaliation A Rage Shooting Factor

Thelma & Louise (1991), Trapped and Cornered A Suicide Factor

Superman, Climate Change Deniers

Escape From Planet Earth, Global Warming

Trading Places, Smear Campaign, Homelessness, Rampage, Suicide

Mighty Joe Young, Damage, Provocation, Rampage

Highlander, The Mob

Unstoppable, Workplace Safety and Runaway Train

Super 8, Serious Illness and Medical Treatment Coercion

Super 8, Psychiatry and Coverups

Immortals, Tyranny and Brazen Bull

Immortals, Tyranny and Blood Lines, Fertility

Alphas, Influence of the Mind Illustration, Suicide Factor

Smear Campaign, Loss of Status, Homelessness, Rampage, Suicide Factors

Snow White, Repressive and Poisonous Regimes

Fight Club, Self Harm For Compensation or Blackmail

The Commitments, Success and Arrogance

Green Lantern, Pain and Hate to Burn

The Darkest Hour, The Faraday Cage

Transformers Dark Of The Moon, The Job Interview

Super 8, Abuse, Torture, Pain Creates Hate

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