Certain lines of work like the transportation industry are linked to increased risk of metabolic syndrome - Reuters (article link)

- For the transportation industry the work itself remained linked to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome.
- The finding is in line with past studies, higher rates of heart disease and stroke among transportation workers.
- Factors such as irregular work schedules, poorer sleep habits, job stress -- might explain the link between transportation work and metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome overall U.S. risk 22%; Writers, artists, entertainers, scientists, engineers 8-9%; doctors, health professionals 12%; Transportation industry, construction 25%; Farm industry, food service 30%.

Farm, food service jobs tied to heart disease risk

(Reuters Health) - Americans in certain lines of work, including transportation, food service and farming, may have a relatively high rate of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, a new study finds.